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Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?

Power Trip by J. Cole, featuring Miguel

Brings back too many memories, but it’s a great song, and super catchy, I love it!


Its funny how first you say I try too hard and now you say I dont try hard enough…talking all this bullshit that im rude and not willing to be nice to you guys. Yeah im rude alright..being the first to say hi and trying to be nice while you all act like im not even there.. saying like im taking her away from you guys when sometimes I push her to see you guys.. ohh and whats funny she wouldnt have even talked to you guys if I havent told her she should…well at least to one of you…. yeah im rude.. even when being treated like shit and given attitude by both you guys and her I still try to work things out for you all no matter how bad it’s going to fuck me over…yeah im fucking rude for still trying to help…if you think im rude now…just fucking wait till you see me “polite”

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